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What is the Surface Pro?

The Surface pro is a series of 2-in-1 detachable tablet devices designed by Microsoft to push the boundaries of computing  through innovative design and superior hardware power.

On the surface, The surface pro might look just like an ordinary tablet but its sleek design and decent computing capabilities easily makes it one of the best on the market. Designed with duality of purpose in mind, The tablet/laptop design makes it easy to fit its users need when such need arises. Eliminating the problems regular laptop users face like wobbly screen when using webcam and touchscreen features and lack of portability.

With the latest versions running on Windows 11, the Surface pro bridges the gap between laptop and tablet effectively.

It is worthy to note that the Surface pro has it’s own shortcomings like fewer USB ports, small hard drive space and a not so impressive battery life but this doesn’t in any way harm its status as one of the best tablets out there.

Judging by its remarkable strides in innovation and technological advancements, the future of The Surface pro looks promising, but before we delve into what it future holds, let’s take a quick peek into it’s past.


On the 18th of June 2012, Microsoft announced Surface at an event presented by former CEO Steve Ballmer in Milk Studios Los Angeles. The Surface was Microsoft’s major initiative and it promised to integrate its Windows operating system with its own hardware.

By October 26,2012, Microsoft began accepting preorders for the Surface tablet and scheduled delivery for the 26th of that same month. The tablet was launched under the Windows 8 Operating System.

Aside from being the first PC designed and distributed solely by Microsoft, The 128gb version of Surface sold out on the day of its release.

After the release of the first Surface Pro, Microsoft followed swiftly in 2015 with the Surface Pro 3 a more packed version of the Surface 3. The sale and distribution of the Surface Pro 3 was a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade, Dell Inc. and HP, This partnership was called the “Surface Enterprise Initiative” and it’s aim was  to enable more customers to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10.

This partnership also allowed Dell to resell Surface Pro products through its business and enterprise channels, and offer its existing enterprise services (Pro Support, warranty, and Configuration and Deployment) for Surface Pro devices it sells.

The Surface hub was also released in  2015.

The Surface Pro 3 was succeeded by the next generation Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book (an hybrid laptop).

Microsoft halted the production of the Surface Pro 3 in the 2016 (the same year the Pro 4 and Surface Book was released).

Subsequently the Surface Pro 2017 and the Surface Laptop was released in 2017, The Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go in 2018, Surface Pro 7 and Pro X in 2019, The Surface Go 2 debuted in 2020 alongside the Surface Book 3 and the Surface Duo.

Finally, 2021 saw the release of The Surface Pro 8, The Surface Duo 2 and The Surface Laptop Studio.

The Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio 2+ are Microsoft’s latest 2022 addition.

The Surface Pro 9


Now that Surface has become a house hold name, lovers of the Surface line can be certain that Microsoft will keep rolling out new Surface devices every year without exception. If Surface’s ten year success is anything to go by, we can be sure to expect more devices from the tech giant in the coming years.

As Microsoft releases a new Surface Pro every year, It’s almost impossible for the Surface Pro 10 not to surface in the year 2023.

The Surface Pro is rumoured to run on the Core i5 or i7 processor, In terms of connectivity the Pro 10 is tipped to run on the 5G network. As opposed to previous versions it is also rumoured to have more USB ports and it’s processor falls in the Intel 13th gen Raptor lake range.

The future of the Surface Pro holds much promise as it is poised to challenge other giants like Apple and Dell with new Surface Pro tablets , groundbreaking tech and functional innovations.

In other words, Its future is as bright as its display.

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