Netflix Kenya: 2 Years Free Subscription Plan Comes to an End

Netflix Kenya: 2 Years Free Subscription Plan Comes to an End
Netflix Kenya: 2 Years Free Subscription Plan Comes to an End

Netflix is bidding farewell to its complimentary plan in Kenya, starting next month, November. This change will affect thousands of viewers who have enjoyed free access since 2021 to Netflix movies and shows. In a message sent out to users on Tuesday, Netflix explained that once the free service is deactivated, memberships will automatically be canceled. Subscribers will then need to choose from one of the paid plans.

In the email to subscribers, Netflix wrote.

“On November 1, 2023, the Free Plan will no longer be available, and your membership will end. If you want to cancel, no action is required. Your membership will be automatically canceled when the free plan ends.

“If you want to keep watching, upgrade to one of our paid plans. Starting from as low as Ksh200 ($1.35) per month, you can unlock all shows and movies, more features, and the option to watch on your phone, TV, or laptop.”

What Happened to the Reduction of Subscription Prices?

In September 2021, Netflix announced the launch of a complimentary mobile plan in Kenya. Targeting its 20 million internet users in the country. The plan required no payment information during sign-up. It was accessible to Android users aged 18 and above, and it was ad-free. Although the company didn’t specify the duration of this free tier or potential expansion to other markets. But this initiative was more than appreciated by Kenyans. Netflix’s goal was to push its service to various markets and make it accessible to a wider audience, particularly those without conventional payment methods.

The discontinuation of the free plan is a saddening reality for Kenyan users. But it’s part of the company’s renewed focus on converting the massive users in the country into paying customers. Also, the decision is coming just a few months after Netflix announced there will be a 37 percent reduction in subscription prices for its Kenyan users. This was a result of the mounting competition with emerging streaming services. However, all that has changed for Kenyan Netflix users.

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