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Tesla Phone: Is Elon Musk’s Latest Creation Worth the Hype?

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Elon Musk and Tesla are always in the news for the right reasons. As we all know, Tesla cars, Starlink, SpaceX, and the Mars exploration are all the brainchildren of Musk. Though, no official release date for the Tesla phone, and no official statement from the company that a Tesla smartphone is even in the works.

For those looking forward the release of a Tesla smartphone and a worthy competition for the already existing iPhone and Samsungs, they will have front row seats to the “theater of broken dreams” as a Tesla smartphone might never get released. 

The existence of these contradictory statements goes on to prove that the Tesla Phone might never suffice. With the information available presently (and the present situation of Neuralink) there’s no reason to believe there will be a Tesla Phone in the nearest future. If the rumors are accurate and a Tesla smartphone is being worked on behind closed doors, the release date will likely be pegged at 2030.

The Tesla Phone’s Features and why it may be worth the hype.

Dubbed the Tesla Model Pi, the tesla phone promises some of the most exciting features imaginable. As Tesla’s known for extraordinary features in its already existing products, the rumored features of the Tesla phone should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Solar Charging:

Since Tesla’s known for manufacturing  solar panels and solar paneled vehicles, a solar charging feature on this smartphone does not seem out of reach. Although it is highly unlikely for the smartphone to rely solely on solar charging , It could have a branded case that allows for some degree of solar charging.

Space Internet:

As 5G is becoming increasingly common in newer smartphones, It’s a no brainer that the Tesla Phone will be on the 5G network. Coupled with this is the SpaceX internet Service, Starlink which the company could choose to integrate into the phone. One major drawback with this idea is that for the Tesla phone to work with Starlink, it’ll need to have a bulky antenna like most satellite phones and this won’t be good for its overall aesthetic.

Even if they manage to conceal the antenna, there is no guarantee of good and fast service.

Crypto Mining: 

Musk has been very vocal about cryptocurrency in the past and its only natural for him to want to embed this feature in the Tesla Phone. In one of his tweets in early 2021, The billionaire stated, “There will definitely be a MarsCoin”. The Tesla phone is rumored to be designed to mine Marscoin and is even proposed to enable a form of interplanetary transaction between Earth and the Mars colonies.


With the advent of spaceX and space exploration, it’s only proper to assume some of that technology would bleed into the Tesla Phone. This technology comes in the shape of astrophotography. Most current smartphones already possess powerful AI that allow users create stunning night sky photographs. Fusing this AI with the already existing space technology and you’ll get a smartphone that takes extraordinary photos of astronomical objects.

Neuralink Support: 

Although the idea of a computer in the brain might seem like something out of a sci-fi flick. Neuralink  claims to be working on such a project, An implant that lets you control your computer or mobile device from wherever you are you just by thinking about it. Could the Tesla Phone be integrated with Neuralink since Musk owns both companies? Fingers crossed!

If there’s even the slightest chance that this phone exists, then Tesla would have to hold on for a few more years as the project is yet to receive FDA approval to allow tests on human subjects.

Although, Musk has deemed Neuralink fit for humans, U.S regulators seem to strongly disagree as its latest bid to test the technology on humans has been  rejected.

If truly a Tesla Phone is in development, then it is certainly something to look forward and be excited about. As it threatens the status quo of existing mobile technology and pushes the boundaries of mobile technology as we know.

Tesla Phone.

Specs and hardware of the Tesla Phone.

As there’s no concrete evidence as to the specifics of the Tesla phone. Here are its rumored specifications.

Operating System: Tesla Os


Battery: Non – removable Live Pro 5000MAH battery + Solar branded phone cover.

Display:6.7 inch display (120frames per/second,HDR 10 Dolby vision,Brightness of 1000NITs and a max of 16000 NITs)

Resolution:1284 *2778 pixels 

Storage: 8GBRAM to 16GBRAM and internal memory of 256GB to 556GB

Camera: 40 megapixels with HDR camera for selfie.

As Musk is a strong advocate of  “first of its kind”, technology. The Tesla smartphone is sure to follow this principle and blow all other smartphone household names out of the water.

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