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Tips for Getting the Right Surface Pro for your Needs

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Picking the right Surface Pro device for your needs might be confusing especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technical jargon and system specifications.

Whether you’re into design, video editing, animation or just a casual user, it’s important to know what Surface Pro device is suitable for executing your desired operations and what device fits your need at the moment.

For Casual users and Mobile Gamers 

As a casual user it is important to consider portability and ease of operation when trying to choose a Surface Pro device. If you’re looking for a tablet for needs like typing, movie viewing, streaming and mobile gamers . As a casual user you don’t even need to use the detached keyboard as you can always use the Surface Pro in full tablet mode.

If you fall under this category of users , you best bet would be the Surface Pro 7 or the Surface Pro X.

The Surface Pro 7 is fitted with an intel core i5 processor,8gb of ram, 128gb of hard disk drive, 12.3 inch of display all for the price of $540.
The Surface Pro X is slightly more expensive than the Pro 7 with a price tag of $728 but is also equipped with richer specifications of  13″ Touch-Screen –SQ1 – 8GB Memory – 128GB Solid State Drive – Wi-Fi, 4G LTE.

More cheaper options are the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro

For Designers, Video Editors, Programmers and other professionals.

Whether you’re a designer, Video Editor or any type of professional, The Surface Pro 9 is your best choice . Although its price is steep, the Pro 9 is a computing powerhouse and will run heavy softwares. Equipped with 32gb ram, Intel evo i7, 1tb of hard disk space and a 13 inch display, the Pro 9 is more than capable of handling softwares that’ll make regular laptops slow down to a crawl.

Another option is the Surface Pro 8 which is slightly less pricey than the Surface 9 and almost as powerful.

Another advantage of this device for designers is the Surface pen(sold separately).

For Kids and Students 

The Surface Go and the Surface Pro 3 are the best options for kids and students. Organizing and reading your ebooks  is easy with the Pro 3 . It’s light weight build  and comfortability makes it easy to hold while reading . The keyboard detaches and you can use the Surface pen to highlight and take notes flawlessly .

For those looking to replace their bulky laptops 

Although a tablet is not a recommended replacement for a regular laptop, The Surface Pro can still be a capable replacement for your bulky laptop.
This is because its offers you portability and eliminates stress of lugging heavy laptops from one place to another. Aside from being a decent replacement to bulky laptops. Additionally, You will get more screen time out of this device as it can be charged with a power bank in case it runs out of power .

If you’re looking for a worthy laptop replacement, your best options would be the Surface Pro 8  and 9 as they possess enough computing muscle to run the heaviest Windows software .

Also replacing your bulky laptop with the Surface Pro means you will enjoy both the benefits of a laptop and a tablet.

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