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Upgrade Your Life with the New iPhone 14

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Apple’s latest addition to the iPhone family is nothing short of a  computing wonder, With its stylish design, notable features and impressive technology, the iPhone 14 can be called a futuristic device living in the present.

The iPhone 14 was released in September of 2022, and along with it came a ton of mouth watering features for its users. These features gives users a chance at new experiences, better and faster execution of tasks and superior all round performance. 


Fitted with two 48MP”advanced quad-pixel sensor” cameras(wide angle and ultra wide angle), the iPhone 14 ensures your images are captured in crisp HD. Another added feature is the Action Mode that allows you to record steady handheld videos.


Combined with its excellent photography feature is a  6GB RAM and a 128GB memory that gives you enough memory to store your large photos, play heavy games, use tons of apps, download and save large files or data.

Processing power

Its A15 Bionic chip ensures that all operations are performed within the twinkle on an eye.This makes using apps like Twitter,Instagram, Facebook and even playing heavy games a breeze. Combined with this is a new thermal design that helps dissipate heat faster and quicker.


On the display front, The device boasts a OLED 6.1 inch display —same as its predecessor, the iPhone 13. 

Although the iPhone 14 isn’t a major upgrade to the iPhone 13 in the display department , The device’s display lets your onscreen activities be visible whether you’re in a dark room or the sunny outside. Additionally, icons and colors look great on the iPhone 14 as its OLED display make colors pop.

Crash Detection and Emergency SOS

Crash detection helps to detect severe crashes such as rollover, rear end collision and head in collisions. When involved in an accident and possibly unresponsive, your phone and Apple Watch( if you have one) sounds an alert and an SOS screen pops up . If after 20seconds, you do not call emergency services or cancel the SoS message, the call goes through automatically, alerting emergency services to your situation. This feature might seem like a bit of an overkill but it could really come in handy in a life or death situation.

Battery life

The iPhone 14’s modest 3279 mAh battery capacity ensures you get the most out of your device, offering up to 20 hours of  video playback and 16 hours of video streaming.

Ceramic Shield Screen

The iPhone 14 screen is built for durability and protection against nicks, scratches and fall damage. This is made possible by the Nano – Ceramics crystals being fused into the screen.

Sleek design and sturdy build.

The Apple iPhone 14’s aluminum casing protects the device’s internal organs from damage and other external factors like water and dust. Also, the aluminum casing prevents you from fingerprint stains and bodily scratches. It’s sleek design also makes it stylish when it’s being held in your palms, most importantly, it won’t feel like you have your hands full when working on your iPhone.

Not to mention, it’s practical design is also aesthetically pleasing.


The iPhone 14 does not have a physical SIM tray as it is specifically an eSIM phone, this feature eliminates drawbacks like exorbitant roaming charges, having to switch sims when in a different clime and being restricted to only one service provider.

Although the iPhone 14 is exactly an innovative device, it improves on the the iPhone 13’s processing power, camera and also has better satellite connectivity. This features are even improved upon by the iPhone 14 pro.

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