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Popular Nigerian Foods and their Health Benefits

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We have rounded up 13 native Nigerian foods and fruits that often goes by their local names, their health benefits and English names.

It’s a common norm for us in Nigeria to refer to our favorite local dishes and fruits by their local names. In most cases we simply refer to fruits or foods by their generally accepted local names, regardless of ethnic diversity. A clear example of this occurrence is the use of udara to refer to African apple throughout Nigeria, a name which originally came from the Igbo ethnic group.

Did I just mention African apple? Wait till you hear the best part.

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Ogbono Soup is one of the most popular Nigerian dishes but the English name is not so popular.

No one can deny the pleasure that comes from eating a crisp velvet tamarind in a warm afternoon or the mouth-watery taste of Ogbono soup delicacy. However, many people turn to Nigerian foods or fruits for their potential health benefits—we cannot overstate the benefits of eating healthy. So, from 13 to one, we countdown the most popular Nigerian foods—that we love to call by their local names—and their health benefits.

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