Top 10 Mount Zion Movies you can watch online

The Mount Zion movie ministry is a team of Christians, with the vision to spread the gospel via the movie sector. Mount Zion movies feature content designed to build the faith of Christians, as well as keep them aware of the evil devices of the enemy. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of top 10 Mount Zion Movies you can watch online. Mount Zion movies featured in this article, can be streamed on Youtube and other streaming platforms that feature Mount Zion Movies. 

1. Just a Little Sin

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Just a little sin tells the story of a gospel singer named Sade, who falls into fornication, which then resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. In other to cover up her tracks, she and her fiance decide to abort the baby, a decision that resulted in a lethal outcome. The abortion of the unborn baby made her ministerial future to hit the rocks. 

2. The Fruitless Tree

Top Mount Zion movies for true believers

The movie Fruitless Tree tells the story of a jobless man who strives to get a job. After a lot of prayers, God gives him a chance to work for a healthy family’s company. He then finds out that the rich family he works for has some problems, but refused to help them. This brings the wrath of God upon him. 

3. Apoti Eri

Top Mount Zion movies for true believers

Apoti Eri is one of those mount Zion files, that was produced with the Yoruba Language. It tells the story of a sick king, who is on a mission to sacrifice a boy, to renew his health status. The boy prays for the king to receive his healing. Along the line, he finds outs the king is his grandfather. 

4. The gods are dead

Top Mount Zion movies for true believers

The gods are dead, is a Mount-Zion movie, that tells the story of a missionary, who was banished from a village after he was caught eating the food sacrificed to the gods of the village, on behalf of the prince. This action leads to the death of the prince. The priest of the land then decides to sacrifice the missionary, to appease the gods of the land. This prompts the missionary, to challenge the priest to a spiritual battle. 

5. The Ultimate Power

The Ultimate power tells the story of a village, that was besieged by dark forces. The representatives of the dark force are the Isawaru. A young couple sets it upon themselves to battle these dark forces, liberating the village from the power of these dark forces. 

6. Captives of the Mighty

Top Mount Zion movies for true believers

The captives of the mighty is a mount Zion movie that tells the story of a woman who suffers several miscarriages. Together with husband, she seeks the power of Jesus, to confront the power of evil causing her miscarriages. 

7. Guilty As Charged

Still, on the topic of mount Zion movies, you can watch online, Guilty As Charged is yet another awesome mount Zion you should totally check out. Guilty as charged explains the fact that no frustration or pressure of life can justify unholy means. 

8. Change Of Taste

a change of taste

Change of taste is a Mount Zion movie, that tells the story of a man named Johnson, who desires to initiate his son, into an occult group, in other to boost his wealth. His son rebellion makes Johnson’s plan very difficult. 

9. Open Altar

open altar

Open Altar is another interesting mount Zion movie you don’t want to miss. It tells the story of a man who found out his pastor is involved in shady deals and desecrates the altar of God. 

10. Out of Hook

out of the hook

Last but certainly not least, is the Out Of Hook movie, a Mount Zion movie, that tells the story of a man who was hooked to a life of sin after he lost his job. The man is able to regain his Christianity, due to tireless prayers from his wife. 

There you have it – a comprehensive list of top 10 Mount Zion Movies you can watch online. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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