Gangs Of Lagos Movie Review

Gangs Of Lagos Movie Review
Gangs Of Lagos Movie Review

In the Nigerian film industry, crime finds a purpose, with the release of gripping crime thriller movies and series. The likes of King of Boys, Brotherhood, Shanty Town, The Setup, and recently, the Gangs of Lagos movie. At the nexus of political power and political freedom (which these movies have in common), rather than sidestep the perceived dichotomy, Nollywood has chosen to lean into the contradiction. They are bringing to screens psychotic, power-hungry, and unforgettable villains. With a repertoire of diabolical skills far different from the sinister Mama G tricks that Nigerians are used to.

While Sola Sobowale’s role as Eniola Salami in King of Boys was so visceral and frightening, Nigerians still argue that nothing can shake Mama G from her throne of villainy. Whether this is true or not, the movie industry has noticeably avoided occultic movie tropes. Instead, they’ve been churning out per the request of Nigerians, movies, and series that features antagonists perpetrating heinous crimes in the dark underbellies of Nigerian ghettos.

Gangs of Lagos Movie Release Date and Cast

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Gangs Of Lagos is one of the recent additions to the Nigerian crime thriller genre. We’ll delve deeply into the Gangs of Lagos movie, alongside some of the exciting and not-so-exciting things we saw in this movie. Released on the 7th of April 2023, the Gangs of Lagos was directed by Jade Osiberu. And cast by Tobi Bakare, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Chike Osebuka, Chioma Chukwuka, Olarotimi Fakunle, and Bimbo Ademoye. Others include Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham, Alabi Pasuma, and Idowu “Yhemo_lee” Adeyemi. As well as Temitayo “Zlatan” Omoniyi, Funke Williams, Damilola Ogunsi, Adebowale “Mr. Macaroni” Adedayo, etc.

Gangs of Lagos is the first Amazon Prime Video Original film following a three-year deal with director Jade Osiberu. From the cast to execution, the Gangs of Lagos movie was more than most viewers anticipated. Although given the fact that it was Jade Osiberu, viewers expected nothing less. One thing is sure about these upcoming Nigerian movies and series, there has been a serious upgrade. Evident in the Hollywood style of filmmaking, stellar casts, and the brilliant executions of these actors in their respective roles.

About Gangs Of Lagos Movie

Gangs Of Lagos Movie Review
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The story follows Tobi Bakare who stars as Obalola Akande, a street boy from the slums of Isale Eko. Born into dire rascality, with a curse on his head and following in the wake of his gangster father whose life was abruptly cut short by an unknown assailant. Obalola is desperate to leave Isale Eko and not follow his father’s steps, but the streets of Lagos have a mind of their own.

Together with Ify (Chike Ezekpeazu) and Gift (Adesuwa Etomi Wellington), Oba robs an unsuspecting woman in traffic. He is caught and brought to the Eleniyan and his boys who praise him for protecting his accomplices. One of Eleniyan’s boys Ninalowo (Tayo Faniran), a burned-out street gangster with a soft spot for the people of Isale Eko takes a liking to Obalola. And after admiring his courage, encourages Oba to pay him a visit anytime he wishes to. But Oba’s mother (Iyabo Ojo) who witnessed the murder of Oba’s father when he was just a baby disagrees with Oba’s decision to mingle with unscrupulous men. And forbids the path he has chosen.

To contain the curse on Oba’s head, the same one that took his father, Mama Oba drags an unwilling Obalola to the banks of a river. Where a group of people chant, clap, sing, and whip Oba till his back is sore. He runs to Ninalowo who adopts him. Life seemed to be going well for Obalola. He was no longer slumming it up in the streets like he used to, but everything comes to a screeching halt when Nina is violently murdered.

Our Review

Gangs Of Lagos Movie Review Tobi Bakre

We think the Gangs of Lagos movie was great and Tobi Bakre executed his role perfectly, however, the movie had the potential for growth. Some of the dialogues were not as spellbinding as we anticipated. Another thing that didn’t go as we hoped it would was the chemistry between Obalola and Teni (Bimbo Ademoye). As children, their connection was more electrifying than when they were adults.

The fight scenes

Most of the fight scenes in the Gangs of Lagos movie were exhilarating, particularly at the beginning. Where over a hundred men went down the day Ninalowo was killed. Another good fight scene was where a grown Oba and Gift ambushed and kidnapped Wemimo (Adebowale Adedayo aka Mr. Macaroni), a thieving mechanic. The movie had just begun and these scenes were Hollywood-style thrilling. Some of the other fight scenes between rival gangs, however, felt off and long drawn out.

Character development

We also think a lot of the characters had promise, only if their roles were fully fleshed out. While the character of Tobi Bakre was a flawed but likable protagonist, he was also someone many Nigerians can relate to. Someone whose hopes, misfortunes, and fears remind us of ourselves or people we know on the streets of Lagos. We love how he prevailed in a world full of crimes, trials, and tribulations, by depending only on his wits even at a very tender age. This trope like all crime thriller movies resonates with many audiences.

It was equally very clever to include the many political scenes that reverberate with the current political happenings in the country. Although aside from the scene where Ify died, the directors did not do a concrete job of thrusting Babalola into very conflicting or precarious circumstances. Situations that will require him to up his street game and stretch the possibilities and outcomes of failure.

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