NCC calls for 2023 Talent Hunt Research Hackathon

NCC calls for 2023 Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon
NCC calls for 2023 Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon

In line with its Strategic Vision Plan 2023-2025, directed at fostering innovative research and bolstering indigenous content, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has launched the third edition of its Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon. This initiative is geared towards spurring the development of pioneering technologies. With the ultimate goal of driving sustainable economic progress in Nigeria. The NCC extends a warm invitation to tech hubs and innovation-driven enterprises (IDEs) across Nigeria to participate in the Talent Hunt Research.

The NCC 2023 Talent Hunt Focus

The Nigerian Communications Commission’s competition focuses on three key areas. Blockchain-driven data protection for regulatory compliance enhancement, assistive technology solutions for the elderly and individuals with disabilities, and technological innovations for renewable energy solutions in rural areas. The NCC Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon harnesses the power of emerging digital technologies to foster the creation of local content and groundbreaking solutions within the telecommunications sector.

Through this endeavor, the Commission aims to advance both economic growth and social well-being in Nigeria. Participants in this competition have the opportunity to translate inventive concepts into tangible hardware or software solutions, effectively addressing challenges within various industries and society at large.

The most outstanding solutions, one from each of the specified areas, will be awarded grants of N10 million each to support their development. Below are the eligibility criteria for potential entrants. These include the necessity of possessing a certificate of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). As well as the stipulation that the enterprise has not previously received support from the Commission. Furthermore, the proposed project must align clearly with one of the three designated thematic areas. providing a well-defined problem statement, a proposed solution, and a deployment roadmap.

Requirements for The NCC Competition

NCC calls for 2023 Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon

Additional prerequisites encompass presenting a proof of concept, including technical feasibility evidence through diagrams, algorithms, existing models, or case studies. The proposed solution must be genuinely innovative, and the applicant must assert ownership of the intellectual property. Moreover, prototype development, inclusive of the solution, should be ready within a six-month timeframe following receipt of the grant.

A comprehensive commercialization plan for the prototype is also necessary. Submission guidelines dictate that proposals must encompass ideation. Minimum Viable Product (MVP), current sweat equity investment, Product-Market Fit status, and verifiable Go-to-Market status. Growth feasibility assurances, maturity model, timeliness, and, where applicable, existing disaster recovery measures. are part of the requirements. All applicants must submit applications online, adhering strictly to the specific entry format.

There are no financial obligations associated with participation. The Commission retains full control and ownership of the intellectual property rights for the developed solutions. For entries to be considered, they must be submitted by a tech hub or innovation-driven enterprise. Which must furnish evidence of their affiliation with the startup or solution being entered. This includes a concise four-page executive summary of the project concept. A 3-5 minute video showcasing the pilot project, and comprehensive details of all team members. Including names, ages, contact information, passport photos, profiles, and, where available, website information. An email address for the applicant is also important.

The Commission has initiated a three-week advertorial campaign to promote the Hackathon. It urges all stakeholders within the startup ecosystem to take note that the NCC Talent Hunt application deadline is Friday, September 22, 2023.


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