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Take Control of Your Properties with Our Property Management Software

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There are lots of landowners who try to take on all the tasks of managing their property. They want to handle the promotion and rental of their properties. While doing all of these, they want to also keep records of payments and make sure they are always on the right side of the law. Little do they know that technology has gone beyond what it used to be. So many processes have been automated and property management is not excluded. There are lots of property management softwares that every landlord and property manager can use to carry out their tasks. We want to fully explain how you can take control of your properties with our property management software. 

These property management softwares are designed to help landowners and property managers to get their tasks done easily. They can separate and prioritize the tasks ahead of them. This way they are able to focus more on the most important ones that inevitably need their intervention. With these property management softwares, they can advertise and promote the available properties on the best sites. They can also do a thorough check of the applicants who wish to rent the property. 

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Best Property Management Software

With the help of these softwares, they do not have to manually put down their payment records and answer requests. All of these have been automated in these property management softwares. Now let us take a look at them one after the other. 


Buildium is one of the property management softwares that helps landlords and property managers get their tasks done easily. It assists them in creating forms and applications for their potential tenants. Landlords can thoroughly vet these applicants before renting out their property to them. The tenant also will have access to pay his rent on the platform while the landlord gets a good record. Buildium provides different templates that a landowner can retouch to his own taste. You have access to a website of your own that you can share with family and friends to gain more visibility.

This website is useful in connecting the landlords and tenants with each other. The landlord can directly reach out to the tenants from the website. Another advantage of Buildium is the fact that you can do a thorough screening on your potential tenant. You can ask for their criminal record and background information in order for you to assess them. 


Innago is another property management software on our list. With Innago, you can design an automatic rent payment method on the website. Landlords can have a record of how much they are spending on a particular property. This will help them track the expense that the tenant is incurring. Innago allows the operation for every type of property owners and property managers including student housing. They have so many templates for generating rental agreements. You can choose from and design it to suit your type of property. 

 Another thing landlords can do on Innago is to come up with their own application forms to show property available for rent. The link can be shared and it will directly take potential tenants to the page to fill out the application form. Just like Buildium, Innago allows for payment automation. All the tenant has to do is choose his preferred payment option, and he is good to go. Tenants can ask the landlord for property maintenance with details on the website. 

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This property management software is good for landlords who have multiple properties for rent. It will help them to separate each property into different segments. This way they are able to properly manage each one using the Appfolio website. Landlords can monitor the payments made by their tenants on each property. They can know which is occupied at a particular time and which is not. Landlords can also monitor those who have balances to pay back and set reminders for them. Landlords are also able to track the land use charge and every tax being laid on that property. Tenants can pay their rent using this software. It gives them options and they choose the one that works best for them.

Appfolio allows tenants and landlords to communicate without having to meet physically. Reports can be requested and submitted on the website. If there are any complaints or questions, it can go through the Appfolio property manager. 


Resman is another software designed for landlords to properly manage their properties. They can control what happens on the property through this software. Resman allows landowners to plan for future expenses and analyze them before actually actualizing the plan. Resman helps landlords advertise their properties and quickly get tenants to rent them to. They are known to have a very good customer care service that attends to client complaints in a timely manner. You can call or send an email and you are sure to get a reply soonest.  It has a reward option that gives scores to those who comply with the rules on time. 

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