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Maximizing Your Walmart Application: Tips for a Successful Interview

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Walmart is the world’s largest private employer, having over 2 million employees across over 10,500 retail locations. Walmart offers a wide range of benefits, including the chance for you to further your education for free and a wealth of opportunities down the road.

This proportion automatically makes the hiring process completely automatic, where very few people hardly get through. In this article, we have listed 4 tips that will help you ace that interview and get your dream job at Walmart.

Walmart Application Stages

There are 4 stages in the Walmart application process. These are:

1.Online application

2. Resume submission

3. Online assessment

4. Interview

Keep reading to find out ways you can scale each application stage. 

Online Application

This is the foremost of the Walmart application process, filling out the application online and answering the questions. Their online portal makes navigation easy and the task easy to navigate. First, you find a job listing that interests you. On the job page, you’ll find detailed information about the job description with a list of all available benefits for that position. Once you’ve done this, you click ‘apply’ and you’ll be directed to the next page immediately. Follow instructions, choose your region, read the terms and conditions, click ‘agree’ then you proceed to log in, if you’ve applied for a job before and you already have an account, or create a profile if it’s your first time applying.

Resume Submission

To ensure your resume gets near the top of the pile, make sure it is tailored for Walmart. Arrange in a reversed chronological order. If you’ve ever worked in retail, let that experience come first. This is of way more interest to the hiring managers than even your education. Take a look at Walmart’s objectives and include them in the skills section or experience. The body of your cover letter should include a short paragraph detailing why you are interested in and qualified for the position you are applying for.

When it comes to answering questions stating your strengths and weaknesses, this is what the director at Walmart talent acquisition has to say: It is important to have readily available examples of how you have demonstrated your strengths. Candidates need to be honest about their potential weaknesses and provide details about where they are improving them specifically. A candidate that shows professional maturity in being self-aware is highly desired in the team dynamics. Jimmy Prencipe, Director–Talent Acquisition.

Online Assessment

Every of the applicants will be required to take an online assessment, also known as the WalmartRetail Association Assessment. This is usually the most challenging part for applicants. Although Walmart allows you to take the assessment immediately, it is important that you do not dive straight into the assessment. You should take a while to practice beforehand because there are no single correct answers. It totally depends on the position you’re applying for and you must pass ALL THE sections.

Let us take, for instance, a customer representative question, addressing conflict between two customers. You may need to make use of your critical thinking, prioritization skills and service orientation to get the question right, as most times, the right answer is not always obvious.


Congratulations! You have successfully passed the assessment stage, and now you have been invited for an interview. This is obviously not enough. As the saying goes, after every battle, there is a war. Now is the time to start working towards acing that interview. At the time you get an interview, the interviewer already has a lot of information about you. Want to impress your interviewer and get that job right on the spot? You have to put in the work, carry out thorough research on the brand even if it takes you using their service by patronizing the store.

Get yourself familiar with the Walmart Organization. This will help you answer questions like why you want to work at Walmart or how you can promote the organization. Your interviewer will definitely be impressed. Another tip is to ask questions or clarifications about the role. A Walmart interviewee said ‘‘at the first stage, I was given a list of questions and they said there are no right or wrong answers, we just want your opinion (candidates are judges on how they answer questions on the list).

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