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Nnacheta Anulika

Nnacheta Anulika
I am a Creative Writer from Nigeria. I reflect a varied personality including ambition, creativity and uniqueness. Through my passion for writing, I've engaged in an essay writing competition conducted by Watchman YES and came 2nd in the position, University of Nigeria Essayist Group (UNEG) and came 3rd in the top 15. I was also awarded the best student in the English Language during her Junior Secondary School days. I've enrolled in a writing academy and also received certifications on completion of my Content Writing courses. I have a catalogue of my written works in my treasure chest and have revealed some of them to individuals and groups who were amazed at my creative ingenuity. Here's what I can do for you professionally: I am an SEO Content Writer and I help write high-quality informative and engaging content for your brand/website to increase your brand/website visibility and skyrocket your sales. I've helped with editing and proofreading manuscripts and developed ideas into written thoughts.

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