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New Airtel Data Subscription Table: Best Practice and Activation Codes

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NIGERIA – Just for the ease of some you who are yet to be acquainted with latest Airtel data subscription table. Here is a jumpstart to start enjoying the new data plans.

Best Practice

Of course, you can always dial *141*13*1# to quickly test if you can access the internet with your current SIM before subscribing to a data plan. This service is completely free and you are offered 1MB per day for dialing the code. Outside knowing the connectivity status of the SIM, it is also important to know which plan works best with your device and the code to dial if you need to switch to another plan.

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It is not often that someone tells you (with full assurance) what to do, but in this post we are looking to advice you on what plan is best  for your mobile, smartphone, tablet or PC device. In our next edition we will talk about the complete table for Blackberry data subscription. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at the best practice for Airtel me2u services in case you need to transfer airtime from another Airtel SIM or click here to recharge your SIM card online.

Mobile Phone: If you accessing the internet through a mobile phone browser, subscribe to any of the following plans: Entry,  Daily, 3-day, Weekly, Easy, 786-plan, Lite or Midi plans

Smartphone & Tablets: With Tecno taking over the Nigeria smartphone market, every folk within the country can boast of having a smartphone. However, it is one thing to own a smartphone and another thing to subscribe to a feasible plan. For smartphone users, It is highly recommended to subscribe to any of the Android data plans. However, any of Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus or Max plans will work just fine on your smartphone or tablet.

If you have the Opera browser installed on your mobile, smartphone or tablet, you can also use the Opera Mini Bundle for only N300 per month.
Dongles/MiFi/Routers: If you just purchased a Dongle or USB Modem as we generally call it and need to start using it on your PC/Mac or Router. Depending on the scale of the task at hand, you can choose from any of the following plan: Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium or Prime plans (See how to unlock your USB Modem and make it universal). The Blackberry Unlimited data plan also works on Dongles, though charges and experience may vary.

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Bloggers & Developers: If you are a blogger or web developer, it is best to go with the Prime plan, but if you have a very restricted budget, you might consider going with: Day, Night Time or Weekend plans which are suited for subscribers  who require data use for specific purposes and consume such data quickly.

The following shows the list of Airtel data plans and the  varying ways to activate
Plan Data Allowance (NORMAL) Data Allowance (CURRENT) Retail Price (N) (Data RCV, EPIN & ERC) Denomination Validity period USSD Activation Code SMS Activation Code MAMO Activation Code Prepaid Postpaid
Trial 1MB 1MB 0 1 day *141*13*1# Trial x
Entry 4MB 6MB 50 1 day *141*11*9# Entry 14191 x
Daily 10MB 15MB 100 99 1 day *141*11*1# Daily 14154 x
3-day 25MB 40MB 200 3 days *141*11*8# Three 14192 x
Weekly 50MB 70MB 300 7 days *141*11*2# Weekly 14193 x
Easy 80 MB 120MB 500 499 14 days *141*11*3# Easy 14151 x
Top-Up 100 MB 100 MB 600
786 plan 125 MB 125 MB 786 30 days *141*11*786# 786 14194 x
Lite 200MB 260MB 1,000 999 30 days *141*11*4# Lite 14150 x
Midi 250 MB 325MB 1,300 30 days *141*11*5# Midi 14153 x
Smartphone1 500MB 650MB 2,000 1,999 30 days *141*11*6# Smart1 14152
Smart phone 2 1GB 1.3GB 3,000 2,999 30 days *141*11*7# Smart2 14156
Plus 3GB 3.9GB 5,000 4,999 30 days *141*12*1# plus 14155
Max 5GB 6.6GB 8,000 30 days *141*12*2# max 14196
Premium 10GB 13.3GB 15,000 30 days *141*12*3# premium 14197
Prime 15GB 19.9GB 22,000 30 days *141*12*7# prime x
Day 150MB 150MB 500 24 hours *141*12*5# day 14195 x
Night Time (Off  Peak) 3GB 3.9GB 2,500 30 days *141*12*4# night x
Weekend 3GB 3.9GB 3,000 30 days *141*12*6# weekend x
To Check Data Usage *141*11*0# status
Android Data Plans
Android Data Plans Subscription Table

Important Tips

  1. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via USSD, dial the  associated string e.g. *141*11*4# to activate the Lite plan
  2. To subscribe for a data bundle plan vis SMS, send the associated  SMS keyword to 141 e.g. lite to 141
  3. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via MAMO, dial the  associated string e.g. 14150 to activate
  4. Postpaid plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff  (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the  associated modalities

Bonus – Airtel Users can Access Facebook without Internet

For all the Facebook devotees out there, Airtel Nigeria presents an innovative service called Facebook USSD. Thanks to the introduction of this service, all Facebook enthusiasts can stay connected & share with their Facebook friends irrespective of handset type, quality and active data (internet) connection.
The Facebook via USSD service aims to deliver Facebook to customers without the need for data. Customers will now be able to connect with their family and friends anytime, anywhere on Facebook without using the internet or activating GPRS capabilities on their mobile devices. 

How does it Work?

  1. Just dial the USSD code – *688# to subscribe to any of the monthly, weekly and daily packages. With this service, customers can carry out the following activities from their mobile devices:
  2. Update Facebook status messages
  3. View, like and comment on posts
  4. Post on friends’ walls
  5. Find/add friends
  6. Confirm friend requests 
  7. View notifications 
  8. View and send messages 

To Deactivate Service

You can unsubscribe or deactivate the service by dialling *688*22#


  1. Daily subscription – N5
  2. Weekly subscription  – N25
  3. Monthly subscription – N100

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