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Mtnextracard.tk Is a Scam. Beware!

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In case you are wondering, Mtnextracard.tk is a scam!

It has come to our attention that a group of scammers posing to be MTN recharge card vendors, originated from Nigeria is bent on squeezing Nigerians of their hard earned money. The website is hosted on a free .tk domain name and it’s www.mtnextracard.tk.

Even though the whole system is crappy, a lot of simple minded fellows has fallen for this – DON’T be a victim.

First you will be asked to enter EST15  in an input box. Mind you, regardless of whether you enter the value or not, you will still be sent to the next page on clicking enter. The developer of the page of course, has little or no knowledge on form validation.

Next you will be asked to choose your area code which again is not required; regardless of what value you choose, you will be redirected to a page congratulating you on  a chance of winning 5,500Naira. How convenient? On the same page, you will be asked to enter your phone number and recharge card pin number. Again the web developer showed his dark side of ignorance in matters of web development as the following input box are not validated either.

However, whatever you entered on that page will be submitted to http://www.mtnextracard.tk/site_3.xhtml to be processed and of course, stored in a database or as a text file.

How will Mtnextracard.tk Benefit?

In case you wondering, apart from stealing your MTN recharge card – which is pretty much obvious – Mtnextracard.tk can also explore your privacy by marketting the phone numbers they collect to sms marketting companies and other scammers to send you unwanted and anonying promotions.

The site is registered on free server powered by .tk services which makes the real owner of the site ‘almost’ untraceable. The website is promoted on social media, including Facebook and Twitter and spammed in any way possible.

While the idea of getting N5,500 with just N100 sounds tempting, it’s to your own best interest to stay clear of services like this or risk losing a lot more than you bargained for.

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