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The Benefits of Working at Walmart: Career opportunities and Employee Benefits

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Walmart is one of the best places to work worldwide. Walmart is a company that is completely dedicated to helping employees advance their careers. While doing this, it also gives them the advantages that are not often offered by other organizations. Working at Walmart comes with so many advantages that people will go out of their comfort zone to get a job at Walmart. In addition to opportunities for management roles, Walmart benefits programs can also achieve your dreams of a six figure salary and even go beyond that.

Every employee at Walmart is eligible for great benefits which is one reason you may want to consider working at Walmart from now. If you have also started looking for a job, then this article is for you too. We are going to provide you with the benefits of working at Walmart, the career opportunities and employee benefits you stand to gain as a worker at Walmart.

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Employee pay raise

Pay raises

Workers in Walmart enjoy a periodic raise in their hourly pay rate. There was an announcement by Walmart earlier this year that it will raise the average hourly rates of its associates to more than $17.50 per hour. Despite the layoffs of employees in most of the white collar and tech associations, Walmart still has demands for associate workers.

Financial and Retirement

Some additional benefits of working at Walmart that associates may qualify for include an associate stock purchase plan. In this plan, employees can buy Walmart stock with the company.

Health and wellness

This is one aspect of employees’ advantage that Walmart takes seriously. Walmart not only offers health benefits to full time employees, but also part time employees. For full time and part time hourly associates, the benefits include Dental appointments, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, HMO plans, AD&D. This includes company contributions to help cover the health cost of employees. It also includes telegrams that visit medical consultations. The health and wellness plan can also include families and domestic partners.

Employee health and wellness

Internship programs

Walmart developmental programs include undergraduate and graduate internships. The program provides resources for new employees who want to grow with the company. So if you want to be part of the Walmart family, and you are still in college or you are completing a degree, Walmart may have a job opening for you.

Flexible/stable schedule

Walmart understands that it takes a lot to balance a full time job role and other commitments you may have as an employee. It can be tough trying to balance all of this if your schedule changes from week to week. This is why Walmart offers its full time associates schedule flexibility and stability. This way employees do not have to scramble each week to figure out how to fit in your personal commitments with your job responsibilities at Walmart.

Low barriers entry process

You do not have to have so many years of retail experience to be employed at Walmart. If you do not have so much experience, that is not an issue for Walmart. In fact, in 2020 when the pandemic struck, Walmart hired many workers who were displaced from their old jobs due to the COVID 19 pandemic

Paid time off

Under this category, Walmart gives employees the flexibility to choose vacations, holidays, sick time or just a little downtime. When approved, you will also be paid for this time off. 

Pregnancy and maternity benefits

If you are pregnant as a Walmart employee, you may qualify for additional health bonuses. As a matter of fact, I’m some states, the company covers up to $1,000 for birth programs such as the doula service. Walmart also provides a program for newborns. This is known as the Retailers life with Baby program. This includes special baby gifts, coaching from a nurse and so much more for pregnant moms. After birth, workers are eligible for 16 weeks of paid time off from work. For parents who adopt, they may be reimbursed for some of the costs associated with their child’s adoption. 

Employee enjoys maternity benefits


Walmart employees get 10% discounts across all their stores. This also includes their family members. This discount is applicable to general purchases and also fresh fruits and vegetables. However you are not automatically eligible for this discount until you have completed 90 days of work. You will also get a domestic discount for your spouse or domestic partner too. The most amazing part is you do not have to be at work to enjoy this discount. You can also use it when shopping at Walmart online.

Walmart Academy

Walmart established this to help employees gain additional training while working with the company. The Academy includes opportunities for employees to learn more on the job skills. It also provides leadership skills for associates and managers throughout the organization.

Financial incentives

Workers in Walmart often qualify for financial incentives such as overtime pays and quarterly bonuses. If as a worker you also decide to move through with the company, you also stand a chance of earning so much. If you want to continue pursuing your career with Walmart, this can earn you big bucks alongside your salary. Store managers in Walmart for example, make an average of more than $180,000 per annum.

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