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How to Choose The Right Walmart Jobs for Your Skills and Experiences

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Walmart is one of the world’s largest companies by revenue. If you want to be a part of the Walmart family, then your application should shine with the right skills and experience. With over 10,500 retail openings across different countries in the world, Walmart offers a wide range of job openings yearly. However in order to have a successful application, you have to apply with the right skills set and experience. At the end of this article you will already know how to choose the right Walmart jobs for your skills and experience.

Walmart Employee skill set

Some of the skills set needed as a Walmart employee are: Problem solving, Prioritization, Time management, Ability to multitask, customer service, record keeping, product knowledge, Scheduling, Communication, Calendar management, Math skill, Planning, Team work, interpersonal skills, inventory management, cleaning and maintenance , stocking shelves, unloading trucks. All of these will be explained later in the article to provide better knowledge for choosing the right Walmart jobs.

What your Walmart Resume should look like

Let us touch on what your resume should look like for different job roles at Walmart. This will help you get the right role for your experience. You should check all of the points listed below in preparing you resume: 

Resume Format

This point is to convince the hiring manager that you possess the right skill set for the job. This is as important as when you choose your job role at Walmart. Since the main task of an employee at Walmart is to provide customers with an excellent shopping experience, then your resume has to show that you have what it takes. This could mean a variety of things depending on the position you are applying for. From stocking, check out, customer experience and even to store management. Your resume must include your basic information and up to date contact information. Try to fit your resume into one page. That’s the advised resume length if you have less than 15 years of relevant experience. Make sure your resume is submitted in the requested format. 

Resume Profile

You will need a resume profile containing an introduction statement regardless of the role you are applying for. In this profile summary, mention the job title you are applying for, your experience in relevant fields and your achievements to impress and catch the reader’s attention. However if you do not have enough experience for a summary, simply write a resume objective. 

Walmart Job Description

After you have read and understood the job description for the role that you are applying for, the next thing is to make it the center of your resume. You do not want to bore the reader with irrelevant information about your skills and experience if they do not align with what Walmart is searching for. Use the reverse chronological format when writing your experience. Start with the most recent stating relevant duties and achievements. Make sure your resume targets Walmart specifically.

Other information

This stage, you add some other necessities to your resume. Go ahead to add your certification and licenses, volunteer jobs, hobbies and interests, awards and achievements, language skills and the likes. This will also help your application to stand out from the crowd. You can also view the tips for a successful interview at Walmart.

Most required skills for Walmart application

Customer service skills

This is one of the most important skills needed to be a part of the Walmart family. It is important for you to provide a positive experience for your customers. You should be able to attend to customer complaints and queries. Answer their questions in a resort and professional way. Listen to their needs and always ensure to create a good impression on each one of them. 

Product knowledge

As an associate , you should be able to understand and explain the features, benefits and uses of a product. You can not achieve this without good product knowledge. Walmart expects you to be able to answer questions about the products you sell. This way, you can make informed recommendations to customers, thereby increasing sales.

Team work

This is the ability to work well and interact in the appropriate way in a team. As an employee, you will seldom be working on tasks and projects with other employees. This skill is needed when completing any task at work or volunteering for projects. It will help you collaborate with your co-workers more effectively and increase productivity. It also allows you to build good relationships.

Interpersonal skills

This is an important skill set a Walmart employee should have. Its the ability to communicate with customers, and even co-workers, and understand their emotions. This will help you have a great connection with customers, and also interact in a team.


This is the process of arranging products in an attractive way that encourages customers to buy them. As an associate, you will need these skills when arranging products on the shelves and tables. You should have an attention to details and creativity so you can display products in ways that are more appealing for customers to buy them.

Cleaning and maintenance

 This skill is necessary for working in retail. As an associate, you may be responsible for cleaning the aisle of your department or overall cleaning of the store. You may also be required to maintain inventory levels and also perform routine maintenance on office equipment. 

Unloading trucks

For associates in the receiving department , this is a necessary skill to have. You will be required to move items from delivery trucks to storage and ensure that each one of these products are accounted for. You should be able to lift up to an average of 50 pounds.

If you already have all these skills set, then congratulations you are on your way to getting your dream job at Walmart. If you do not already, then you should start working on having and improving on these skills.

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