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Using Airtel 2GB Blackberry Data Plan on PC & other Devices

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Earlier this month, Airtel introduced a new parkage, nicknamed “Ulimited Plan”. This plan was originally designed for blackberry users but can be used on PC, Android, Phones and other devices as well, if you follow the steps below. 

As an EWT tradition, we always strive to keep our readers inforemed on this kind of development. Therefore, we have provided a step to step guide that will help you activate your BB plan and keep it rolling on your Pc and other devices.


The “Ulimited” Blackberry Data Plan has a duration of 1 Month and a bandwidth limit of 2GB. This subscription will cost N1,500 + plus additional N100 while using it on other devices.

To activate this plan simply dial *440*16# Note: you must a have at least N1,500 airtime balamce, for this subscription to be successful.

Using Airtel 2GB Blackberry Data Plan on PC & other Devices

If you intend using this data plan on other devices such as iPad, iPhones, Android Phones, PCs and your regular mobile phone, simply recharge N100 airtime and dial *141*712*11#, ignore the response and start browsing: As long as you have at least N0.98 airtime balance, browsing is guaranteed!


I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it? Take another step: Bookmark this page for future reference (Press: Ctrl + D).  Also check out other Airtel N200 Blackberry (240MB) Data Plan here.
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