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Using Airtel N200 Blackberry (240MB) Data Plan on PC and other Devices

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I know most of you or at least every  EWT reader already knows about the new Airtel N200 (240MB) Blackberry Data Plan which you can use for 3 days. But I believe so many of you have not considered the possibilities of using this data plan on devices other than Blackberry Phones of which it was originally made for.

Indeed, the Airtel N200 (240MB) Blackberry Package can be used on other devices such as: iPad, iPhone, Android phone, PC and your regular mobile devices.

What is it?

The Airtel N200 (240MB) Blackberry Package offers you 240MB which you must exhaust within 3days of subscription. For a Blackberry and mobile user, this is indeed an “Unlimited Plan” but on PCs and some tablets, it’s quite a different story – probably a solution, if you need to check your email and have a nice chat on Facebook for 3days. Follow the steps below to get started.

Activation Codes

To subscribe to this plan, simply dial: *141*1*2*3*1*3# . You will receive a USSD confirming that your data subscription was successful, simply close the interface and check the next step! Note: you must a have at least N200 airtime balance, for this subscription to be successful.

Codes for other 2+1 Packages includes:

– 3 Months 2+1 Data Plan (N3, 000) : *141*1*2*3*1*1#
– 3 Weeks 2+1 Data Plan (N1, 050) : *141*1*2*3*1*2#
– 3 Days 2+1 Data Plan (N200) : *141*1*2*3*1*3#

On PC and other Devices

Cool off, relax and recharge N100 🙂 The Airtel N200 (240MB) Blackberry Package will work on any device as long as you have at least N0.98 on your account balance. Click here for Airtel 2GB Blackberry Data Plan on PC &  other Devices.


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