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MTN Tariff Plans – Latest Compilation of MTN Tariff Plans and Activation Code

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Life with MTN can be a bit tricky. One day you get a notification to migrate to a plan that gives you 200% bonus on every recharge, a tempting offer, no doubt. However, the next day N200 credit is no longer enough for 3mins call. This is due to the lack of understanding of how the MTN tariff plans works. The rule is quite simple: Always pay attention to details that are not there.

Ask yourself questions before you migrate.

  • What is the on-net call rate?
  • How is much is the calling rate outside the MTN network?
  • What are the added benefits and finally and most importantly, what was removed?

If you are able to answer this questions before choosing a tariff plan, you will have little to regret about in the future.

MTN Tariff Plans, Benefits & Activation Codes

In this section, we are helping you answer those basic questions while providing you both the SMS and USSD migration code.

MTN StartPack

MTN StartPack is a tariff plan that grant newly registered MTN subscribers some special offers. Offers include 500% bonus on every recharge and 10MB on every recharge of N200 and above.

You don’t need to migrate to MTN StartPack as it comes by default after MTN SIM registration and activation. Simply recharge with any airtime value by dialing 555digits PIN# and you will automatically receive 500% bonus that will be credited in a dedicated account.

You will be able to make local calls, send SMS and browse the internet with the airtime bonus for a period of 3 days. However, you will continue to receive 500% of your recharge for the next 6 months. After 6 months you will stop receiving the bonus on your recharges and the system will automatically migrate you to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

To check your 500% bonus and 10MB bonus balances, simply dial 55917#.

MTN Pulse

Remember that era when people prefer to sleep in the day and talk to their loved ones at night? Well, that era is back. MTN Pulse was the tariff plan which offered free midnight call from 12:30am – 5:00am in 2009-2013. The tariff plan is back but this time with more reason to keep you awake at night.

With MTN Pulse, you can enjoy a limitless world of possibilities with the offer of 1GB for N500 on dealzone, all night browsing/downloading at N25 daily, Unlimited music+ streaming @ N25 daily.

Features of MTN Pulse

  • Flat rate of 11 kobo/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after spending NGN 10 daily.
  • Music streaming on Music+ at N10/day
  • Happy Hour night browsing at N25/day. You will be required to subscribe by sending Night to 131 and the subscription fee of N25 will be deducted.
  • 100% data bonus on purchase of 500MB weekly bundle (You can subscribe to 500MB weekly bundle by sending 103 to 131 or by dialing *406*2*2# and the bundle fee of N500 will be deducted. You will then receive 1GB in your account).
  • 10MB on ₦100 recharge or 20MB on ₦200 and above. ONLY on first recharge of the week
  • Share n Sell
  • FREE Happy Hour calls to MTN numbers from 12.30am to 04:30 every day (including weekends) as long as you have minimum balance of N100 in your account at 12:30am

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

To migrate to MTN Pulse simply, text 406 to 131 or Dial 4061#. Migration is free and you can always revert to other plans free of charges.

MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk rewards you with 200% of your recharge of N100 and above. That is, if you recharge N200, you total account balance becomes N600 – N200 in your main account balance and N400 in your bonus account balance.

Interesting, right? However, one glaring fact about this tariff plan is that you will not be able to use the share n sell feature. As you check out other features below, you will find reasons why you may or may not want to migrate to MTN BetaTalk.

Features of MTN BetaTalk

  • National calls will be charged at the flat rate of N24/minute (40k/sec).
  • All National calls, SMS and Data will be charged from the customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.
  • International calls, International SMS and Data while roaming will be charged from the customer’s main account only at the prevailing international rate.
  • Customers will be rewarded with 200% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above which 3 times the value.
  • The bonus airtime will be available for national calls, national SMS and PAYG data.
  • 10MB data when customers recharge with N100.00 airtime or more.
  • The data bonus will be awarded only once a week. (i.e. on first recharge of N100 & above, subsequent eligible recharges in the same week will not attract a 10MB data bonus).
  • The data bonus will be valid for 7 days from the time it is awarded.
  • Customer will only enjoy the 200% bonus while they are on the Beta Talk Plan. If they migrate out to any other existing tariff plan they lose all the bonus

NB: (National Calls & National SMS means calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria (a.k.a On-net and Off-net)

How to Migrate to MTN BetaTalk

To migrate, simply dial 1232*6# or text BT to 131. Your first migration to MTN BetaTalk in 30 days will be free of charge subsequent migration within the same month will be charged at N100.

MTN SmoothTalk Plus

The MTN SmoothTalk Plus is designed for customers who spend more on phone calls. You can enjoy calls to all Nigerian networks and the rate of 15k/seconds after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.

Features of MTN SmoothTalk Plus

  • Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.
  • Free 10MB weekly on N100 recharge.
  • Start of Call notification to inform you the rate at which your call will be charged.
  • End of Call to inform you of your call duration, total call cost and airtime balance.
  • Lots of life-enriching products and services.

How to Migrate to MTN SmoothTalk Plus

Simply dial *401# or send 401 to 131 and migrate to MTN SmoothTalk plus. Your first migration to MTN SmoothTalk in 30 days will be free of charge subsequent migration within the same month will be charged at N100.

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