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MTN Data Plans and Subscription Codes – Complete List with Text and USSD

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Compilation of the latest MTN data plans for PC, Android, iOS, iPhone and other devices.

Glo recently upgraded their data plans, MTN has followed in similar direction. With the new MTN data plans, you can get 3.5GB for N2,00 and 10GB for just N5,000. Even though critics may argue that Glo offers more, the new MTN data plan is nothing short of spectacle.

In this page we will be taking you through the full list of MTN data plans since 2016. We have divided them in groups: Monthly, Weekly, Daily & 60 days packages.

Monthly Plans

The monthly plan is suitable for mobile and pc users who needs regular daily internet usage. The monthly plan to go with depends on the volume of data you think you can exhuast within a month. If you are browsing through your mobile phone, 1.5GB will be just fine for a period of one month.

    • 1.5GB
    • N1,000
    • 30 Days
  • Text”106″ to 131
    • 3.5GB
    • N2,000
    • 30 Days
  • Text”110″ to 131
    • 10GB
    • N5,000
    • 30 Days
  • Text “116” to 131
    • 22GB
    • N10,000
    • 30 Days
  • Text”117″ to 131

Weekly Plans

The weekly plan is most suitable for people who needs internet access only during the weekend. The data volume is relatively small, so I’d still encourage you to go with the monthly plan if you need to pull in heavy data during the weekend.

    • 750MB
    • N500
    • 7 Days
  • Text”103″ to 131

Daily Plans

Instantly meet your immediate internet demand with the daily data plan. The daily plans offers small volume of data that can be used within 24hrs.

    • 30MB
    • N100
    • 24 Hrs
  • Text”104″ to 131
    • 100MB
    • N200
    • 24 Hrs
  • Text”113″ to 131

60 Days Plan

Suitable for small and medium size enterprise. Can be used to share internet among other staffs in an organisation.

    • 50GB
    • N20,000
    • 60 Days
  • Text”118″ to 131

Quarterly Plans

The quarterly based plans are data plans that spans within the range of 90day. The data volume is very large (upto 85GB) and suitable for SMEs with more staffs in need of internet access.

    • 85GB
    • N50,000
    • 90 Days
  • Text”133″ to 131

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